About the Blog

This is not a food blog inspired by the meals I have during my lunch breaks.  I wish I was creative with my lunches, but I mainly bring microwavable leftovers and squeezable applesauce.

The idea of this blog is that I blog while I am on my lunch breaks.  You know, those moments of freedom from the cubicle.  I find lunch breaks to be very creative windows in a long work day.

I will admit that I doubt every single post on this blog will be written during my actual lunch break.  Some of them definitely will, but I do have to eat in my lunch break at some point.  All of the ideas for posts will originate from the lunch breaks.

Speaking of posts… what will the subject matter of this blog be?  Posts about television, books, movies, writing, and my life can be expected.  Who knows, maybe I’ll blog about some food.