About the Author


I’m Alexis, and I’m the author of The Lunch Break Blog.

I’m currently a Public Relations intern for the summer, which gave me the opportunity for this blog.  You might be asking, “who is this irresponsible employee that is spending all her time blogging?”  Well, that’s me.  However, I would like to reference a one Ross Geller on the acclaimed television show, Friends:

We were on a break!!!

When I’m not on my lunch break, I like to read a lot of books, watch a lot of television, and write a lot of words.  In addition, I drink a lot of iced coffee, eat a lot of food, and take a lot of naps.  I also participate in other mostly obligatory activities like socializing and school.

Speaking of school:  I’m a junior in college, studying English and Strategic Communication.  I hope to write in many ways, shapes, and forms as a living in my future.  Hence the blog.