Harry Potter Made Me Want to Wear Glasses

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Growing up, I dreamed of wearing glasses.

You see, I’d been inspired by the hero of my favorite books.

“Harry Potter” by Halle Stoutzenberger CC BY-ND 2.0

Reading these books, I wanted the brains and library collection of Hermione Granger, the boisterous siblings and parents of Ron Weasley, and the classic glasses of Harry Potter.

It’s not like Harry made his glasses seem very glamorous.  At one point, they were connected with freaking duct tape!  He seemed to be constantly breaking them, and lucky for him, he had magic to handle that kind of thing.  If I was so lucky as to have glasses, I would only have an angry mom if I broke them.

Still, I really, really wanted a pair of glasses of my own.

My parents both wore glasses.  When I found their glasses on the bathroom counter, I would try them on.  Some children try on their parents’ shoes, I tried on my parents’ glasses (…to be honest, I did both).

No matter how many times I tried on their glasses as a kid, my vision remained perfectly fine.  There didn’t seem to be any magic at play to grant my wish of wearing a pair of glasses like Harry Potter.

I didn’t really outgrow this dream as I became older.  The dream was simmering on the back burner, low heat.  Now and again, the dream would resurface (to continue with the metaphor:  the dream would begin to boil).

I remember trying on a plastic replica of Harry Potter glasses.

“harry potter glasses” by Ultra-Lab CC BY-SA 2.0

They looked horrible on my big head, definitely not the right pair of glasses for my face shape.  I’m sure in the realm of magic there’s something you can do about making glasses look good on any face shape, but I live firmly in the land of dealing with the face you are given.

Unlike Harry Potter when the books progress and start to become big bummers because all of the characters you love are dying, as I progressed through the years, a very happy moment arrived.

Yes.  It’s true.

One night my mom and I were in balcony seating of a performance of the musical, Legally Blonde.  I knew we were far away from the stage, but even so, I could barely see the actors.  I told my mom this, and she handed me her glasses to test out.  I put on her glasses and… VOI-FREAKING-LA!

After so many years, I finally needed glasses.

I know this seems like the place where I should conclude with, “be careful what you wish for,” and then complain about the glasses I wear now.  Nope.  I love my glasses.  I was born to wear glasses, even if my eyes didn’t realize it at the time.

I rock my glasses every day, every event, every outfit.  I’ll never switch to contacts.  Did Harry ever magically improve his eyesight?  Don’t tell me that spell doesn’t exist.

My only complaint, after years of wearing glasses and years of dreaming for them, is that I had a spell to clean the ever-present grime off my glasses.  I bet Harry would have a good tip for that.

Dear reader:  do you read Harry Potter?  Do you wear glasses, contacts?  Tell me how you really feel.

Featured Image:  Steven Worster CC BY-ND 2.0